10 Unique Valentine Gift Ideas For The Tired Mama

Choosing the perfect gift for the special mom in your life can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Valentine Gift Ideas. She’s lovely, lovable, works hard, juggles it all– and is likely– exhausted

This Valentine’s Day, we have some pointers to help you choose a gift that will help her feel appreciated, refreshed, and loved! 

Before running out and blindingly choosing a gift, take a moment to consider what the wondrous mom in your life enjoys, and needs. Some questions that will help you find the perfect gift are:

  • What are her hobbies?
  • What kind of food or beverages does she most enjoy?
  • What is one passion she used to cherish, but no longer seems to have the time for now that she’s juggling motherhood and life?
  • What is a gift that she will both like, and can benefit from?

Take some time, and write down your ideas. 

Here are 10 of our own unique valentine gift ideas, just in case you came up short… 

  • A Gift basket of lotions, bath bombs, bubble bath, facial masks, candles, and other pampering products. Maybe even throw in a bottle of wine and some chocolates!
  • Picture(s) of a special day, with a card. Short on cash? This is the perfect gift! Thoughtful, affordable, and personal. Be sure to write all the reasons you love her on the card, and frame the picture(s)!
  • An inspirational book. Some days, mom’s self-love tank runs low. Remind her of how important the work she does is, and that she is the one who does it best! 
  • A Scrapbook! Does the mother in your life enjoy being crafty and creative? Buy her a scrapbook and scrapbooking materials!  Not only will she get some time to do something she enjoys, but she will have a book full of memories to be cherished also. 
  • You can’t go wrong with jewelry! Whether a necklace, ring, bracelet, or a fresh pair of earrings for a night out, the mom in your life is sure to appreciate some new bling!
  • What would make your lady’s life easier? Does she enjoy list making and being organized? Perhaps she would appreciate a nice planner to help her stay on track, and keep up with the demands of life and motherhood. 
  • A subscription to meal service! This is an especially helpful gift for a new mom! Take some weight off of her shoulders by gifting with a subscription to a healthy, meal delivery service that will take the guesswork out of having to shop and plan meals. 
  • If you’re still coming up short… A gift card to spend how and where she would like is a good option. Be sure to include a card with a personal message. 
  • A day of pampering is a great option too! Treat the exhausted mama to a day of pampering… hair, nails, massages, facials, and other spa treatments are typically some favorites that are sure to leave the exhausted mama feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world again!
  • Of course, we also want to tell you about a Valentine gift idea that we can offer... Newborn Course, was designed with mothers in mind. Not only does it teach invaluable skills, and offer many tips and tricks, but it empowers moms to be their best. Babies don’t come with manuals, and the rapidly changing effects of pregnancy and motherhood can leave a new mom feeling emotionally drained, physically exhausted, and personally lost.

 We know that motherhood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. That’s why we strive to be a gentle guide alongside you in your journey… don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Newborn Course!

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