3 Exercises to help newborn baby with gas

Dr and BabyBringing your new baby home is one of the most exciting moments in your life, but when your baby cries it can be overwhelming and stressful. One of the most common reasons for newborns crying is because of gas that gets trapped in the abdomen causing uncomfortable cramping and bloating. 

Here are a few signs your baby has gas

  • Fussy in the evening
  • Pulling legs up and grunting
  • Baby’s Belly is tight and not soft

There are a few exercises that you can do to assist your baby in moving the gas around so you and your newborn can enjoy spending your days together.  

3 Exercises to help newborn babies with gas

Bicycling baby’s legs

Bicycling your babies legs very gently can get any trapped air moving around. This needs to be done when your baby is calm, not when they are crying. Take a few minutes, several times a day to lay your baby on their back and bicycle their legs, bringing their knees up to their stomach. 

Massage your baby’s belly

When your baby is calm, lay your baby on their back and gently massage their belly with a baby safe lotion. Always rub your baby’s belly in a clockwise motion because that’s the direction in which the gas needs to be moved. You can start at the belly button and use your fingers, massage clockwise gradually be moving outward. You may feel air bubbles under your babies skin. 

This should be an enjoyable time for you and your baby. Never attempt when your baby is fussy or upset. If your baby is fussy in the evenings time, try to massage in the morning and afternoon.  

Tummy time

Giving your newborn regular tummy time will help reduce gas buildup. When you lay your newborn on their stomach it helps to stretch out the bowels allowing gas to move around easily. Tummy time for your newborn should be short and always supervised for safety. 

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