Making Memories at Your Baby Shower

From the moment you first saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test, to hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time. From feeling your baby’s first strong kick, to starting the countdown to the day you hold your baby in your arms.

Pregnancy is filled with so many moments that you, as a mother, get to experience and cherish forever. As the time draws near for your little one’s entrance into the world, you get the opportunity to share a moment or two with your friends and family in celebration of you and your baby.

It’s time to plan a baby shower!

There are so many different things that go into planning a baby shower. From invites to food to decorations…and don’t forget the games! Although everyone you invite might not be up for playing along, don’t feel discouraged from enjoying yourself. This is your day, don’t forget to have some fun!

Here is a quick list of some games you might want to try out for your party:

1. Diaper Change Relay Race

What you will need:

  • Two Baby dolls
  • Two Diapers
  • Two Baby Wipes
  • Two Receiving Blankets

How to play:

Divide your guests into two teams and have each team form a line. Then, on a table across the room, place the baby dolls in their diapers and wrap them in the receiving blankets. Be sure to place the wipe on the side of the baby. Then, a guest from each team will run to the table, unwrap the baby doll, take the diaper off, wipe the baby, put the diaper on, re-wrap the baby doll, then run back to their team. Then the next team member will go and do the same thing. The first team to have all guests complete the task and return to the line, wins.

2. Free The Frozen Baby

What you will need:

  • Little Baby Decorations (from a party store)
  • Ice Cube Trays

How to play:

Place the mini baby decorations in the ice cube trays, fill will water and freeze. When it is time to play the game, take the trays out of the freezer and give an ice cube to each guest in a cup. The goal of the game is to melt the ice and free the baby. Guests may try to melt the ice in any way they like, but they cannot put the ice in their mouths. The first person to melt the ice and free the baby is the winner.

3. Don’t Say Baby!

What you will need:

  • Five Clothes Pins or Beaded Necklaces For Each Guest

How to play:

As each guest arrives they receive the five clothes pins to put on their shirt or five beaded necklaces to put around their neck. Throughout the course of the party, no one is allowed to say the word “baby”. If anyone is caught saying the word, that person must give up a clothes pin or necklace to the person that heard them. The guest with the most necklaces or clothes pins at the end of the party is the winner.

4. Guess Mommy’s Measurements

What you will need:

  • A Ball of Yarn
  • A Pair of Scissors

How to play:

Each guest will cut the length of yarn they think will fit best around mommy’s tummy. The person that gets the measurement right, or the closest, is the winner.

5. Toilet Paper Diaper

What you will need:

  • Two Rolls of Toilet Paper

How to play:

Divide the guests into two teams. Each team gets one roll of toilet paper and has 10 minutes to dress one of their teammates in a toilet paper diaper. At the end of the 10 minutes, the team with the most creative diaper wins.

Pregnancy and motherhood are two of the most amazing experiences we can have, and each woman will have her own unique journey. While there is no manual or guide for this journey  was created to help you on your road to motherhood. So, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey!

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