An Open Letter To New Moms: Dear Mama, Be Proud

ThisdarlinglittlelifeDear Mama,

Happy Mothers Day!

I want you to know how proud you should be of yourself. Being pregnant for more than half a year, isn’t easy. It is a time that shakes both your mental and physical structure. Birthing a baby is no easy task either. Aside from the pain, it takes great mental strength also. Once your bundle of joy is here, the real work begins. It’s not all joy and happiness though. There is a great sacrifice that comes with being a mother. Being responsible for a tiny human doesn’t always come easy. You are strained financially, emotionally, physically, and socially…but you know what? You should be most proud of yourself, because it’s very likely that you don’t even consider the sacrifices you make. They are all worth it. Not even a thought in your mama mind.

Growing life inside you for 9 months, birthing a child, whether by C-section or naturally, then caring for that child and providing for his or her needs… is a lot. It’s a big deal. For many mothers, these huge obstacles, just come natural. But we all struggle from time to time. Rapidly changing hormones and so much change can cause us to question ourselves and to feel overwhelmed. Even still, be proud of yourself. You worry, don’t you mama? You worry about how you can be better for your child. You worry if you are enough. You should be proud of yourself. Talk nicely to yourself, and remember that motherhood is not easy. It comes with many obstacles both before and after baby arrives. It is not weak to admit that it’s hard. But always be kind to yourself. You have endured, and will continue to strive for your child…and that’s something you should always be proud of.

Love, Family

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