Baby-A-Go-Go Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

traveling with a newbornAre you planning to hit the road for some fun in the sun? Or is it a “staycation” kind of year with backyard barbecues galore staggered at pools throughout the neighborhood all summer long?

Either way, you’ve, probably, figured out by now that traveling cross country or across the street is a bit more complicated with a baby. No worries, “Mom”

A little forethought and you won’t ever break a sweat! ?

The secret to success is to make a big list of everything you could possibly need while away. Then, create lists of your list.

What will you take with you and what will you have access to at your destination?

You can check ahead regarding the big stuff… Like cribs. Yes, you’d assume they would be prepared, but it’s the season of family fun! It might be a good idea to see if you can put a reservation on what you need.

What will you need en route?

Pack extra diapers and formula whether traveling by air or car. (There’s nothing worse than having to unload everything to get to something that went in first so you wouldn’t possibly forget it!) Quiet toys and books are a good idea. A spare pacifier or two if your baby’s a fan of them should go on the en route list. And, let’s not forget a change of clothes for everyone… Just. In. Case.

What Can We Get When We Arrive?

List the “If Needed” or “As Needed” items and decide if you will have them on hand. Or will you just grab them once you arrive at your destination? It makes for lighter travel.

The same principle works for evenings out. You’ll have it down to a diaper bag amount in no time. ?

A Tip Or Two

Babies are very sensitive to the sun. So, study up, whether you’re at the beach or poolside in the backyard.

One more thing. No matter how prepared you are, sometimes babies cry. And cry. And… Above all else, remember, this, too, shall pass. ? Honest!

Here’s a head’s up, though! If it’s happening on the plane and began during take off or driving through higher elevations, pressure change could be the cause. Offer a bottle, a pacifier… even a sucker can actually help. The sucking motion helps stabilize the pressure change.

And… sometimes all that crying annoys people and they express it! For the most part, an apology (We’re pretty certain it will be sincere!) is all you can do. But, it’s not a bad idea to have a stash of inexpensive ear plugs on hand for, both, plane passengers or party guests. Whether they use them or not, most will appreciate the gesture! Instant mood change! ?

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