Baby Names–Where to Start and What to Consider

baby namesChoosing baby names is something that many expectant parents look forward to. But while exciting, it can also be quite daunting! There are so many names out there. Which one is right for your new little one? How do you choose? Here are some helpful suggestions to guide you in the process.

Where to Start with Baby Names

While there are countless ways to be inspired to name your baby, there are a few great places to start:

  • Family Names

Passing down a name that has been in the family can be a truly meaningful way to name your baby. Once a very customary way to name a child, the tradition has faded some in popularity. But that is no reason not to employ a namesake! Try the first name of a grandmother, uncle, or cousin. Last names make great first names, too. Giving a child his/her mother’s maiden name as a first name is an inventive way of preserving genealogical history.

  • Named After a Meaning

There are wonderful online search engines, such as, which allow you to search for a baby name by its meaning. Simply type in the “meaning” you want the name to have and you are provided with a comprehensive list of either gender. Search for meanings like love, strong, joy, miracle, or light.

  •  Country of Origin 

Your ancestral country (or countries) of origin can be a great place for name inspiration. Look for names that are popular in your place of heritage. And if you have a favorite American name that you want translated to a different language, simply put it into a name translator!

  • Favorites

Great names often come from the things we love. For ideas think of your favorite literary figure, mentor during childhood, flowers, places, colors, or seasons. Great examples are Rose, London, Cosette, and Autumn.

  • Combine Names

If you are stuck between two names you absolutely love, combine them! Create your own unique name by meshing the two together. 

Things to Consider

Naming comes with a few important things to consider:

  • Will others be able to properly pronounce it without struggling?
  • Does the first name sound “right” with the last name, phonetically?
  • Will the child be made fun of for it?
  • What will his/her initials spell?
  • Will the name be becoming as an adult and not just as a little child?

Most of All

The bottom line of all the naming and name perusing is simple: do you love the name? No matter the outside opinions, naming the life you created is up to you. Don’t settle for a name or be pressured into one. Choose a name that has meaning to you…even if the only meaning is you simply like it! And don’t stress! Your baby will have a name in due time. Take a deep breathe and turn the naming into a special and sweet event in your life. 

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