Belly Etiquette: How to Interact With Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy is not only a beautiful journey but also personal. Friends and family can’t help but be amazed by the changes that come with the miracle of a little creature growing inside the belly of a mom-to-be. Unlike the old days where women hid the fact that they were expectant, nowadays moms-to-be are not ashamed to show off their bellies.

However, just because a lady decides to show off her belly doesn’t mean she would always be comfortable when strangers or friends touch her belly. Neither will she be okay when people make certain comments about her pregnancy. If you have an expectant friend or relative, you should be careful not to insult them. Here are some tips on how well you can interact with moms-to-be:


At no point should you think that your pregnant friend will be okay with you touching their belly just because you know them. Ask before you touch her belly. Pregnant woman get emotional at times, and by touching her belly she would feel you are invading her privacy. Under no circumstance should you touch a belly of a stranger no matter how friendly they appear. As a mom-to-be, feel free to tell people that you are not comfortable being touched.


When you meet your expectant friend, do not just stare at her belly. Acknowledge the pregnancy and say something positive that will make your friend feel comfortable. Kindness and sweet words go a long way. Tell your friend that the pregnancy looks good on them. This will boost their confidence and make them feel good about themselves.


It would not augur well with your expectant friend or relative if the first question you ask them when you meet, is how much weight they have gained. Your friend could be expecting twins or triplets and such a question would offend them. Instead ask questions like, “How are you fairing on with your pregnancy? Or “When are you due?” This would show the mom-to-be that you care about them.

These tips will help you maintain a good relationship with your expectant friend or relative.

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