Bonding With Boundaries

Bonding With Boundaries!

There are a lot of emotions to deal with when you’re pregnant! The ups and downs associated with hormonal changes alone can take you on quite a roller coaster ride. That’s normal. Feeling anxious is, also, normal, because you are embarking on an entirely new life path. One that you will walk forever! The point? It’s not to freak you out, but to let know you will have enough going on without adding unnecessary stress into your life.

So, if you are all ready walking on eggshells around a certain someone who thinks everything should follow their specific plan, (No, I’m not talking about you, Dad!) then, we need to talk. This is the perfect time to broach the subject.

As mentioned above, the journey on which motherhood takes us is life long, but there comes a time when our job as a mother is to hush! We can’t continue to tell our grown children how they should do everything. We have to let go. We have to trust that we’ve done our job well and let our babies fly. 

There are some mothers, though, that can’t let go. Perhaps, they don’t realize they are domineering, but would they believe anyone who told them that they were? Hint: The word arrogant is found in the definition of domineering. So…

If that sounds like your mom (or mother-in-law), it’s time to set some boundaries. There is no need to rant and rave. Be forewarned, though, mom might. (But, you all ready knew that, huh? ?) You need to firmly state your expectations and stick to them. It really is that simple.

“But, you don’t know my…” No, I don’t. But, I have learned a thing or two about boundary setting over the years. You will, too, if you want that precious baby to grow into a well-rounded adult. Set boundaries and keep them. That little angel will walk all over you, if you don’t. It starts about the time they begin to crawl. They can learn that no means no at that age, if you don’t cave. Do. Not. Cave. It is right back to square one if you do. As they grow, they will need new boundaries set. Your child will test them. Do not cave. Stand strong. Boundaries bring security.

Back to the here and now, setting boundaries for imposing parents is necessary. Your parent will test them. Stand strong. DO NOT CAVE. This is your child. You call the shots. The relationship between you will grow to a new level because of it. I know it’s intimidating to think about standing up to a parent, but you can do this. You must. 

In doing so, you won’t just be setting a boundary, you will be strengthening a bond. Both, with the pushy parent and with your babe, because you will be stronger for it. And, you will be setting an example for your child to follow one day. Knowing how to set boundaries with people is a very important life tool.  

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