Budget-Savvy Easter Basket Ideas That Are Good for Your Kids

Are you planning to act as the Easter bunny this year?

We often associate Easter with sugary treats, but there are ample healthy options that are just as enticing and far more healthful. Here are some ideas that are not only more positive, but they are also easy on your wallet. 

Entertaining Options

Kids love entertainment, so why not pull together an assortment of goodies for a movie night? A few well-chosen family movies, some popcorn, and a microwave popcorn popper is a gift they can enjoy time and again, just check out How to Home’s reviews to make sure you get a good one. You can even amp things up by adding some healthy popcorn toppings to the mix.  

Have a Luau

What could be more fun than a luau? Instead of Easter grass, make grass hula skirts to line their baskets. Include some yummy snacks that evoke thought of the islands, such as homemade fruit leather, dried tropical fruit, some mixed nuts, and coconut macaroons. Play some appropriate music, throw in a lesson on the Hawaiian language, and add some paper leis, because no luau would be complete without them. 

Delicious Reading Material

A handful of great books can be a window to fun, learning, and growth. Goodnet suggests some titles with positive messages. You can include a few books that you can read together, and for good measure, add a couple of classics. Sweeten your kids’ library with seasonal selections, too.  There are downloads for e-readers which are free or low-cost, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, and If Chocolate Were Purple.  Another idea is to give free eBooks that reflect personal interests, such as The Adventures of Robin Hood for children who love adventure stories or The Secret Garden for those who love a good mystery.  Throw in a DIY bookmark or two to round things out nicely. 

Go Outside and Play

Playing is part of how kids learn, and the great outdoors can keep them moving and playing for hours. It makes for a healthy and fun Easter celebration to ensure they get moving and playing. Consider assembling a handful of backyard-friendly toys, plan a few classic outdoor games the family can play together for free, and make some healthy snacks. If the weather isn’t agreeable, a basket with some puzzles, playing cards, and a board game or two can be just the ticket. 

Make Breakfast Together

Getting together in the kitchen is a great way to celebrate the day and make some family memories. Consider skipping the basket and going for mixing bowls in your kids’ favorite colors. You can fill them with goodies for you and the kiddos to make breakfast together, along with a recipe card or two. Some healthy carrot muffins or carrot cake pancakes will start your day off right. If you and the youngsters are up before your partner, plan a surprise of breakfast in bed! 

Creative Fodder

Using their imaginations helps children to stretch and grow, and a basket of creative fodder can bring hours of educational, skill-building fun. Include some inexpensive, basic craft supplies, such as glue sticks, felt, paper, and crayons, and also look for some items that lend themselves to upcycling. You can set aside some items for recycled crafts, and take the opportunity to talk with kids about the importance of recycling and how it works. 

Make a Donation

Instead of giving your kids a basket full of goodies, consider taking the opportunity to teach your children about the gift of giving. Give your children each an empty basket, and take them shopping or help them select things to give to a child who’s in a shelter or children’s hospital. 

Easter is a wonderful time to enrich your children’s lives. Think about what will be healthy, fun, and meaningful but doesn’t cost you a fortune. In the long run, what you and your children share together will be what matters the most. 

NewbornCourse.com wishes you and your family a wonderful Easter!

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