DIY Baby Food!


Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 08/3/18 6:52 PM

One of the biggest questions is when to start your solid baby food. Most say between 4 and 6 months old, and it’s important to remember that every baby is different. Here’s some useful information on the topic.


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To Swaddle Or Not To Swaddle — That Is The Question

Focus on the Journey and Prepare

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/19/18 9:59 PM

Swaddling has become increasingly popular over the past decade. But let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this age-old practice.


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Give A Child With Disabilities the Support They Deserve


Posted by Emily Graham on: 07/5/18 10:57 PM

The world can be a cruel place for a child with disabilities, whether mentally or physically. As their parent, it’s up to you to help them overcome these obstacles so they can have a quality education and a childhood as rich and enjoyable as any other. Here’s how to make that happen.


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5 Beach Baby Essentials

5 Baby Beach Essentials

Posted by erfnbwebmaster on: 07/3/18 3:32 AM

Having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy summer’s most celebrated destination.  With just a little extra planning you

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3 Exercises to help newborn baby with gas

Dr and Baby

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/25/18 9:31 PM

One of the most common reasons for newborns crying is because of gas that gets trapped in the abdomen causing uncomfortable cramping and bloating. 
There are a few exercises that you can do to assist your baby in moving the gas around so you and your newborn can enjoy spending your days together.


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Comforting a Gassy Newborn


Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/20/18 8:22 PM

Has your newborn been extra fussy or inconsolable? If you’ve eliminated the obvious reasons for newborn fussiness (hunger, in need of fresh diaper, etc.), she may be having trouble passing gas. Here are some simple steps to help prevent gas in both bottle- and breastfed newborns.


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Baby Growth Percentiles, Tipping The Scale In Your Favor

Cute baby listening to a stethoscope

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 03/29/18 3:21 PM

Baby growth percentiles. Are you familiar with them? They’re those charts your doctor uses to compare your child’s development to the averages of other children in the country. We have a few facts about the growth percentile you might like to know.



Navigating Flu Season While Pregnant

pregnant and sick

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 03/13/18 10:38 PM

The flu always spells trouble during the colder months of the year. This year, the flu has been notoriously vicious, with high numbers of hospitalizations, as reported in a recent New York Times article. As an expectant mother, how do you navigate flu season without holing up for the duration? 



How to Tell If Your Baby Has a Milk Allergy

close up of a baby powder milk

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 03/13/18 1:19 AM

Bringing your new baby home is a delightful experience but stress can arise when your baby gets fussy. Having a baby in tears can be exhausting and be overwhelming for a new parent.  Crying newborns are often dealing with digestive distress or food allergies. There is a difference between a milk allergy and a milk intolerance. A milk intolerance is when your baby is having trouble digesting the lactose in the formula or breastmilk. This is common in newborns as their digestive system isn’t fully developed yet. 


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Circumcision: What You Should Know Before Making the Cut

Newborn Boy NBC

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 02/28/18 7:19 PM

Parents-to-be are often overwhelmed by the many decisions to be made surrounding the delivery and birth of a new baby. Giving birth to a baby boy is a bit more complicated because whether to circumcise or not is yet another decision that has to be made. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents appear to be pretty split on the topic, although the circumcision rate in the United States has always been at least a little over 50% in favor of circumcision for the past 15 years. There are pros and cons to circumcising your newborn, even when religious factors are not part of the consideration, so read through the pros and cons below if you’re still on the fence about what to do.



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