How New Parents Can Develop Safe Driving Habits to Protect Their Children

baby driving

Posted by Daniel Sherwin on: 09/23/19 1:23 PM

We spend lots of time behind the wheel, whether it’s commuting to work or running errands. When you add a

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Father Knows Best: 5 Things Dad Does Better Than Mom

pool baby with dad

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 06/14/18 9:49 PM

It’s normal for new dads to struggle with feelings of inadequacy when their babies are born. After all, Mom has a nine-month head start as she carries baby in her belly and might seem like a natural when the baby is born. Rest assured, Dad. There are things you’ll be a natural at, too! With Father’s Day approaching, we wanted to highlight a few of the things that dads do better than moms. 


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Great Gifts for the Expectant Father in Your Life

Dad and Baby

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 06/11/18 11:05 PM

Expectant Moms aren’t the only ones eagerly anticipating a new baby! Encourage expectant dads to get excited and to feel involved in baby’s arrival. One of these thoughtful, dad-friendly great gifts can help you to celebrate the father-to-be in your life.


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Welcome To Parenthood, Dad!

Happy man and baby boy isolated over a white background

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 12/31/17 1:51 AM

So, you’ve become one of us! – Fist bump! And again! – Hey, Man! Welcome to the club!

Have you had time to let it sink in or are you still reeling from the news? Aw, who am I kidding? You’ll probably still be reeling, somewhat, when it’s time to head to the hospital. And, then… I’ll be honest… Even if we’re sure we’ve studied up, that tiny human being puts a whole new spin on things!


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How To Get Daddies Involved In The Process Of Parenting

Man holding cute baby feet on his hand - tenderness concepts

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/17/17 11:41 PM

His body may not distort or tell him he needs to eat some crazy food combo that even you raised an eyebrow at when it first popped in your head, but your partner in this life long venture became a parent at the moment conception occurred, too. Keeping him involved from day one is going to strengthen the unbreakable bond between father and child as sure as the bond between mother and child grows stronger as your baby grows inside you. Here are some some great ways to get daddies to feel fatherly long before the due date and beyond.


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