12 Tips to Achieve Your Goal of a Natural Childbirth

Mother with newborn child in birthing tub

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 02/7/19 5:21 PM

Whether you’re a first-time mother or you’ve been down the childbirth path a half-dozen times before, the prospect of natural childbirth can be simultaneously awe-inspiring and panic-inducing. You’re not alone! Millions of women have been in your shoes before, and you CAN have a natural childbirth. Your body is made for this. 


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10 Tips to Help You Prepare for Childbirth and Labor

baby on blanket

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 01/25/19 8:37 PM

Preparing for childbirth and labor can feel like an overwhelming task. Thorough labor prep can greatly reduce your stress and

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The Cost Of Having A Baby… Wow!

Newborncourse.com Dad feeding newborn

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 05/31/17 11:07 PM

There’s no getting around it, the cost of having a baby is expensive! Here’s some advice we found to help you through the expense.


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What To Pack In The Hospital Bag

packing a hospital bag

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 05/5/17 10:32 PM

We help you plan your hospital bag to contain all the things you need so you can remain as comfortable and cozy as possible during your hospital stay and on the way home.


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