Top 10 Foods to Avoid When Pregnant

Happy pregnancy with an apple on his belly at home in bedroom

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 12/6/17 10:41 PM

Your immune system is not as robust during pregnancy, so microorganisms that normally don’t bother you could cause big trouble now. There are also substances even in healthy foods that can affect a pregnancy in dangerous ways. Here are ten foods to avoid while pregnant.


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Facing Infertility – How Will My Relationships With My Friends Change When I’m Pregnant And They’re Not?

pregnant woman and her sister over white

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/19/17 9:31 PM

Those who are planning (or trying) to get pregnant might feel a twinge of jealousy, but that’s a bit natural, don’t you think? However, if your friend has hoped against hope to become pregnant month after disappointing month or know they are infertile your relationship will take some work on both sides to remain strong. So, how do you tell them you’re pregnant?


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Sleeping Like a Baby: 4 Tips for Staving Off Sleep Deprivation with a Newborn in the House

Beautiful woman sleeping over a white pillow

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/12/17 5:44 PM

The expression “sleeping like a baby” used to be appealing, right? But as a new mom, you know differently. Here are four simple tips to help you maximize your sleep time and conserve your energy during your baby’s first few months.


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What you put in your body affects baby–10 things to avoid when pregnant

Female staff holding organic sign board in supermarket

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/6/17 10:48 PM

By making informed decisions, you can eliminate many major risk factors that would hurt your baby’s health. Here are ten things to cut when you’re pregnant. 


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Breastfeeding Moms: How To Care For Yourself


Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/4/17 6:56 PM

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a newborn’s life, followed by continued breastfeeding as solid foods are introduced, up to one year or longer. There is a dark side to exclusive breastfeeding, though, and that’s the toll it can take on the mom’s mental and physical state. For this reason, it’s of paramount importance for nursing mothers to focus on self-care whenever possible.


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