Dealing With The Pressures Of Motherhood

three pregnant women sit in the park on a rug for picnics and eat. they are all smiling

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 03/23/18 8:43 PM

The opinions vary from person-to-person; it just depends on who you ask. One thing is clear though, mothers in the 21st century are faced with endless options, and tremendous pressures of motherhood. Here are some words on how to cope.


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Exercising While Pregnant: The Do’s and Don’ts

Happy pregnant women sitting in yoga class touching their bumps in a fitness studio

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 03/6/18 9:16 PM

What exercises can you continue to do while pregnant? What exercises should you avoid? We’ve got our top and most important do’s and don’t’s for exercising while pregnant!


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Bikinis Are Overrated – Don’t Sweat The Stretch marks

small girl looking at mother's pregnant belly

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 01/25/18 10:46 PM

Stretch marks. What visual did those words conjure up for you?  They come in every size and a variety of colors. But, no matter if they are red, purple or a bluish silver, you just don’t see people flaunting them in the same way that they rock their tattoos. ?Here’s guide on a very stretchy subject.


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Is It Postpartum Depression? The Baby Blues? What Is Wrong With Me?

Beautiful woman sleeping over a white pillow

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 01/17/18 10:25 PM

Postpartum depression typically starts two to three weeks after giving birth. It can last for 8-12 weeks. Here are some things to look for if you think you suffer from it.



Facing Infertility – How Will My Relationships With My Friends Change When I’m Pregnant And They’re Not?

pregnant woman and her sister over white

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/19/17 9:31 PM

Those who are planning (or trying) to get pregnant might feel a twinge of jealousy, but that’s a bit natural, don’t you think? However, if your friend has hoped against hope to become pregnant month after disappointing month or know they are infertile your relationship will take some work on both sides to remain strong. So, how do you tell them you’re pregnant?


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