An Open Letter to New Dads: Dear Dad, I Love You Unconditionally

dad and baby hug

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 07/13/18 10:51 PM

Dear Dad, On this, your first Father’s Day, I just want to tell you that you are enough. You are all I need, just as you are. You are everything, just as you are.


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There’s A New Dad Survival Kit?!

adventure with dad

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 06/26/18 10:12 PM

How and what to pack in the ultimate survival kit for for the Dad of a newborn child.



Pregnancy and Pushy Parents

Closeup portrait, clueless senior, mature, elderly woman, arms out asking why whats problem who cares so what I don't know, isolated blue background. Negative human emotion, facial expression feeling

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 01/15/18 10:06 PM

If you are feeling pressure from the onslaught of advice since you announced your pregnancy, you are not alone. Mothers,

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Welcome To Parenthood, Dad!

Happy man and baby boy isolated over a white background

Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 12/31/17 1:51 AM

So, you’ve become one of us! – Fist bump! And again! – Hey, Man! Welcome to the club!

Have you had time to let it sink in or are you still reeling from the news? Aw, who am I kidding? You’ll probably still be reeling, somewhat, when it’s time to head to the hospital. And, then… I’ll be honest… Even if we’re sure we’ve studied up, that tiny human being puts a whole new spin on things!



9 Top Challenges Of Expectant Fathers Or New Dads

Newborn baby first days with his father

Posted by Victoria Welsh RN on: 06/17/17 3:20 AM

Here are some of the top challenges that expectant fathers face upon the arrival of a newborn child. . The Newborn Course gives a sound and knowledgeable starting point to prepare you fro these challenges.


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Why You Should Listen to Music While Pregnant


Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 02/16/16 6:12 PM

You may have heard that listening to Mozart and Bach while pregnant can help your baby become smarter. While there is no scientific evidence to prove this, there are still plenty of reasons why listening to music while pregnant is a great idea. Here are a few reasons for you to consider.



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