Splurge or Save? 10 MUST HAVES For Your Newborn!

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 09/18/19 1:41 PM

The Items You Need For Baby, Plus Where to Find Them! Getting ready to welcome a new life into the

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10 Tips to Improve Your Partner’s Pregnancy

husband with pregnant wife

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 09/28/18 4:22 PM

Pregnancy can be tough on even the strongest of women, so it’s important that she feels supported by her partner and others close to her. But as her partner, you may feel at a loss as to how to help her, both physically and emotionally, if you don’t know what she’s going through. Here are ten tips to help her


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Pregnant? Top 10 Countdown – Things You May Not Know

Woman expecting a boy with little shoes on her belly

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 02/23/18 10:00 PM

We thought we’d do a countdown of our own and give you ten of the eighteen strange, but true pregnancy facts we found. Ready?


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Could We Have Like Five Minutes Alone With Our Baby?

Newborn baby in hospital with identification bracelet tag name

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 12/22/17 7:05 PM

There is nothing rational about the first few years after giving birth. The overwhelming flood of requests to visit while a new mother is trying to rest are tricky to navigate. That is why having a plan in place is important.


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Congratulations-You’re Pregnant! How To Prepare For Pregnancy

Cute newborn baby serie on grey-1

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/3/17 11:48 PM

NewbornCourse.com is an innovative parenting training program dedicated to newborn and mother care. Using the most advanced e-learning platform and techniques in online education, the course aims to inform, prepare, and empower new and existing moms and dads in their roles as parents. More effective than a book or a blog, the course includes bite-sized content, super-quick video demonstrations, and rich, downloadable resources—all in one straightforward, easy-to-navigate location.


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