Congratulations-You’re Pregnant! How To Prepare For Pregnancy

Cute newborn baby serie on grey-1Welcome to one of the most hectic and fulfilling phases of your life. We’re sure that once you confirmed the news, many of you found yourselves thinking,

 “Okay, now what?” 

 Maybe you’re pondering birth plans, or whether you’ll breastfeed, or which pediatrician to pick. You know there are a hundred other little things you know you don’t know…yet. 


Of course, there’s a lot of information out there. These materials are offline (pregnancy books, birth books, parenting books, magazines), online (blogs, pregnancy publications), and live (classes, doctors, nurses, midwives). Then, you’ve got your mom, your best friend, even Uncle Charlie. It seems like everyone has an opinion about the right way to do things, but how can you know what’s right for you and your baby?

It’s overwhelming. Some of this material is super helpful. Others are more judgmental, as if there were only one way to do this. That attitude can make any new parent feel more scared than prepared. 

If only there was a non-judgmental, comprehensive resource that housed all the information new parents needed, in one easy-to-navigate location… 

If only new parents felt empowered rather than scared, informed rather than clueless, knowledgeable rather than overwhelmed…

That was the thought process that encouraged our family—longtime champions of first-time parents—to create

Empowering Info for First-Time Parents: All in One Place is an innovative parenting training program dedicated to newborn and mother care. Using the most advanced e-learning platform and techniques in online education, the course aims to inform, prepare, and empower new and existing moms and dads in their roles as parents. More effective than a book or a blog, the course includes bite-sized content, super-quick video demonstrations, and rich, downloadable resources—all in one straightforward, easy-to-navigate location.

Best of all? Access is just $39.96 for six months.  

Our Newborn Bundle—the first courseincludes 19 distinct modules and more than 20 hours of content, offering parents an in-depth overview of what lies ahead. Topics range from exciting milestones to need-to-know health tips. We cover anything and everything—from alternate birthing locations and baby shower invites, to developing a sleep schedule and bonding after birth, to dealing with colic and recognizing postpartum depression. You can go through the entire course at once or search for a specific concern and discover more informative, enriching content as you read.

New parents can rest easy knowing that upon completion of the Bundle, they will be equipped to handle almost anything that parenthood throws their way. 

It’s 2 a.m. and you think you might be in labor? You’re wondering if you should get a doula? Your baby won’t stop coughing? For questions on the go, NewbornCourse is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week—from any and all devices. All you need to do is register, sign in, and start learning!

 A Resource You Can Trust

The NewbornCourse was developed by a knowledgeable team of childcare and education professionals.

As owners of the Pavillion Agency, one of the largest household staffing firms in the country, cofounders Seth Norman Greenberg, Keith Greenhouse, and Cliff Greenhouse discovered something alarming. They realized that—just like for every generation before—first-time parents today are suffering from a lack of information. 

This went a few ways. The first? These parents knew there was a lot they didn’t know. They’d see an OB-GYN with a list of questions, and still come away mystified by the whole thing. 

 The second? The parents knew there was a lot they didn’t know that they didn’t know—and the last thing they wanted to do was take Uncle Charlie’s word for it. 

Seth, Keith, and Cliff had access to the information that parents need; after all, the Pavillion Agency staffs baby nurses and nannies. But they also realized that not everyone can afford a high-end baby nurse. And they really, really wanted this information to be accessible to everyone

So they got busy. They collaborated with highly regarded pediatricians, OB-GYNs, newborn care specialists, and an instructional architect with a PhD in designing online education in order to create an immersive course on pregnancy, birth, and the subsequent care of newborns and their mothers.  

The Give Back Program: Imparting Knowledge, Compassion, and Confidence 

At any given time, there are almost ten million pregnant women living in the United States—many of whom don’t have the means or opportunity to access the resources they need to create a solid foundation for their existing or growing family. wants to help parents from all walks of life. That’s why we created the Give Back Program. For every course purchased and/or licensed, we will proudly donate one training program to a parent who could otherwise not afford it. To that end, is also actively looking to partner with charities and organizations that represent individuals who could benefit from the course.

 Are You Prepared? Don’t Miss a Moment. wants to empower you to have the best parenting experience possible—without bias, agenda, or fear mongering. Developed by experts, our course provides new parents with the information they need in order to feel prepared for the adventure (yes, adventure!) ahead.

Ready to start or expand your family—comfortably and confidently? Visit our website and sign up for the Newborn Course bundle and get six months unlimited access for only $39.96.


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