Ditch the Pacifier: Gift a Subscription to NewbornCourse

Charming mother showing images in a book to her cute little son at homeWhen you think of baby shower gifts, the first things that come to your mind are practical things – baby clothes, pacifiers, the works. But those things are consumable goods. The diapers will be depleted; the baby clothes fit one month and are too small the next. One thing that can’t be exhausted? Knowledge. For your next baby shower, why not consider gifting the soon-to-be-parents with a course from our experts at NewbornCourse? 

Though the Internet is filled with simple articles on pregnancy and baby care, our courses offer doctor-reviewed lessons and tips for ensuring the healthiest environment for parents and babies. With 24/7 interactive and video content, learning about childcare is easy and fun. 

Whether the parents are anxious first-timers or slightly experienced but looking for tips, NewbornCourse can offer valuable knowledge to a parent’s lexicon. Our courses cover everything from mother care to buying the right kind of baby gear. A gift subscription is a vital resource to meet the present and future worries of an expecting parent. 

Take this as an example: many researchers note that postpartum care is a little understood and dangerously forgotten part of pregnancy. Mothers new and old are at risk for neglecting their bodies and suffering from severe stress that makes childcare even harder. Our courses on preparing for birth and mother care provide the tools mothers need to ensure they’re at their healthiest for themselves and their child. 

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