Considering Dye and Pesticide Free Organic Cotton for Your Newborn?

One of the most exciting and scary times in your life is having a baby. The impulse to immediately start shopping for cute baby clothes is something every new mother experiences. More and more of today’s mothers are considering organic clothes that do not contain dyes, pesticide or chemicals. Let’s see why so many moms are making the switch and where you can purchase organic clothing.

Why buy organic clothes for your new bundle of joy?

According to Goose Organic there are five main reasons to purchase organic clothes.

  1. Toxic textiles contain pesticides, dyes and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions and other health issues.
  2. Organic cotton farming does not use excessive water or have chemical runoffs to our streams, affecting plants and wildlife.
  3. Farmers using pesticides breathe in the chemicals as well as their family members. Pesticides have been linked to birth defects and developmental issues harming those who produce conventional cotton.
  4. Buying organic cotton ensures higher wages for those who produce and manufacture it eliminating sweatshops and poverty.
  5. Organic cotton is more durable and last longer and has a softer feel.

Where can you purchase organic clothes?

With organic clothes growing in popularity they are easily obtained from your favorite department store. Carter’s, a favorite and affordable option for new parents has many options for organic baby clothes at very modest prices.  A simple search for organic on their website brings beautiful choices in multiple colors for blankets, sleepers, two piece outfits and more. Target also has a complete line of organic baby clothes. Target carries name brands like Gerber and Burt’s Bees offering vibrate colors, onesies, and cute two-piece outfits for boys or girls with very economical pricing. Whether you choose to purchase organic clothes or conventional clothes, taking care of your newborn is an experience you will always cherish.

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