Father Knows Best: 5 Things Dad Does Better Than Mom

pool baby with dadIt’s normal for new dads to struggle with feelings of inadequacy when their babies are born. After all, Mom has a nine-month head start as she carries baby in her belly and might seem like a natural when the baby is born. Rest assured, Dad. There are things you’ll be a natural at, too! With Father’s Day approaching, we wanted to highlight a few of the things that dads do better than moms. 


There’s a reason children beg their fathers for just one more story before bed, and it’s not just about staying awake longer. With all the different voices and animal sounds that Dad makes when he reads, stories just seem to come to life. Studies have even shown that kids whose fathers read to them become better readers than kids whose fathers don’t. 

Shoulder Rides

Shoulder rides are an age-old tradition in fatherhood. Whether it’s to give the little one’s legs time to rest or so they can have a better view, dads never hesitate to hoist their children up onto his shoulders. Shoulder rides give children the opportunity to be closer to you and foster trust-building. There are even products that make shoulder rides safer. 


While a mom’s kiss might make a boo-boo feel better, dads are better at helping their kids move on from minor injuries. Moms tend to freak out when their child gets a small scrape, bump, or bruise. Their reaction can make the child overreact to his or her injury. Dads tend to approach these instances with a calmer, more level-headed reaction. In response, kids tend to have a calmer reaction, too.


Nobody is better at playing rough than dads. Moms worry about their children getting hurt, but dads will pick their children up and toss them into the air without hesitation. Horseplay even has health benefits for your child. Experts say children who engage in horseplay improve their physical fitness, build confidence, and learn to trust more. They form a better moral compass and learn to read emotions better than children who don’t engage in horseplay. 

Winging It

Most first-time moms live and breathe by a schedule. Schedules are often encouraged for things like feeding and naps, especially for babies and younger children. Sometimes, however, life happens and things don’t go according to plan. This is Dad’s time to shine. Dads aren’t afraid to go against the grain sometimes and their improvisational skills can help moms keep their cool as well. 

Help For New Dads

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