Hot towels, sex and sleep: Secrets to increase milk production when Nursing

Baby having mom's careLets begin by saying that while many believe that breast-feeding is best, for some, breast-feeding is full of challenges. Two major challenges immediately come to mind: breast engorgement and lack of milk production. Both are no fun and often very uncomfortable. Below are a few tips to help getting mommy and baby back to their happy place.

First, lets talk engorgement. Engorged breast are breast that are full of milk. For one reason or another, the milk is produced, but not released. The lack of milk flow creates hard, swollen and tender breast for mom, and makes it difficult for your baby to latch on successfully. To alleviate the pain and pressure in your breast, while nursing your baby lay a warm to hot towel on top of your breast. Make sure you are nursing in a place where you are comfortable and possibly can nurse topless, it makes this a lot easier. While your baby is nursing on one breast, move the towel to the other breast and alternate as needed. You can also gently massage your breast while your baby is nursing as it helps to promote the milk flow. Plan to let your baby nurse until they are full or fall asleep. Chances are that if your breast were engorged for a few days, your baby hasn’t nursed fully, so this won’t interrupt their schedule.

Let’s talk about sex! As new moms, especially nursing mothers, adding sexual intimacy back into our lives becomes less of a priority. Factor in the lack of sleep, adjusting to have a new baby and not to mention feeling like you are a human food factory, the thought of having sex is easily shunned or at least given a strong side-eye. But wait, there are reasons to re-think the avoidance. Lets face it, sex is good and good sex is better (it’s ok to laugh here). The truth is, sexual intimacy has several benefits for a new mom. It is a great way to relieve stress and don’t forget it is a natural sleep-aide. Sex also increases blood flow, healthy blood flow increases milk production and flow which is good for mommy and baby.

Finally, don’t forget to sleep. The body works best when it’s rested. Take naps when your baby is sleeping or when you have help. A well rested mom is the absolute best mom, so don’t neglect your bodies need for rest. We understand that new moms need support and training and that’s where comes in. We are an online, doctor approved new parent community that offers training and support to new parents.  Contact us about more information. We’d love to help you and your new family.

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