How Does Sex Change When You Are Pregnant? 5 Things Mom didn’t share

Pregnant woman exercising with physiotherapist in birthing schoolYour mom probably told you to eat well during pregnancy, take your prenatal vitamins, and enjoy your sleep while you still can. What she didn’t tell you was that your sex life would change once you got pregnant. Here are 5 things you need to know.

  1. Your sex drive will probably change. Some women experience a surge in hormones that leads to a much higher-than-usual libido. Others experience the opposite. Either way, good communication with your partner will be key to staying on the same page, even if your feelings on the subject of sex seem to change by the hour.
  2. Your breasts might be closed for business. Nipples can become hypersensitive during pregnancy, and you may shudder at the thought of your partner touching them… or looking at them too long… or thinking about them. Be sure to talk to your partner about it ahead of time and set appropriate expectations.
  3. You might have to get creative. Especially as you move into your third trimester, certain positions might become physically impossible, and your ever-shifting hormones may mean that you need to use lubrication. 
  4. Your bump will tighten up. After sex, your uterus contracts causing your tummy to feel tighter than usual. This is normal and not cause for alarm.
  5. Having sex while pregnant won’t hurt the baby. In most normal pregnancies, sex is completely safe. In fact, in some cases, it is good for your little one. Maintaining intimacy with your partner throughout your pregnancy will help you feel more connected and supported, which leads to an overall happier pregnancy. Your mental health can affect your baby’s development, so take care to feed your body, mind, and relationship well during this time.

Unless you are in a high-risk pregnancy, there’s no reason to stop having sex while pregnant. Remember that pregnancy is beautiful and it’s ok to embrace sex in your changing body. Have fun with it, don’t be afraid to laugh, and talk to your partner about your needs and desires. 

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