Hey, Google! How Much Longer Till I have This baby?

how much longer will my labor beHow Much Longer?

You clench your partners hand and “hee hee hoo” your way through another contraction. Bathed in sweat, you see your phone on the bedside tray and can’t resist calling out, “Hey, Google… How much longer RRRRR? Hee hee…”

If only Google knew! Labor is not the same for everyone, so an internet search will not conjure up specifics. Just know that even though it seems like that baby may never make an appearance, it is, truly, just a matter of time.

Hey, Google! Do parents search anything else from the delivery room?

  • Entertainment – Once you are settled into a room, odds are hours will pass before you are gazing in awe at that tiny and, oh, so precious bundle in your arms. The internet is certainly a good way to pass the time.
  • Foley bulbs and Pitocin – About 25% of all deliveries (in developed countries) are the result of labor induction. Your doctor will determine the best method for you. Two methods your doctor might use are the Foley bulb or Pitocin. The Foley bulb is a catheter that is inserted into your cervix and can stimulate labor by putting pressure on your cervix. The catheter falls out when you are dilated to 3 centimeters. It may be used alone or in conjunction with a medication such as the hormone Pitocin.  
  • Epidurals – This local anesthesia is used in about 50% of deliveries. It involves having a catheter inserted in your back to deliver the medication. It is most often administered when the cervix has dilated to 4 or 5 centimeters.
  • Is it normal? – Mucous plugs, water breaking (or not ?), and a myriad of other questions that pop into the minds of a mom in labor make the search lists. But, at such a time as this, we suggest going straight to the staff on hand.
  • Odd aches and pains – They come out of nowhere and are not predicted.

You know, though, is there a need to go any further? Everything you find on the internet can’t be trusted… But, we can be! ?

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