I am Pregnant-Who do I tell and when do i tell them?

pregnant woman and her sister over whiteMaybe you’ve known a few days, or perhaps the test has just turned positive. There are probably a million thoughts running through your head. One of the biggest questions you may have (after how far along you are and how is everything progressing so far) is – who do I tell? How do I tell ______ ? When do I tell ______?

While most people choose to wait until the end of the first trimester, there are no hard and fast rules about who you tell or when you tell them. Here are a few thoughts on when might be best to share the news with everyone in your life.

Family and friends

This will partially depend on the closeness of your relationships with family and friends (and your partner’s), but the chances are good that you will want to tell them right away, so you can share your joy and excitement with them. Other things to consider – is anyone in the family a constant worrier? Is there a parent or sibling who always tells people what is going on with you before you are ready to share the news? In some cases, waiting until you are ready to tell everyone else might be best.

Your boss and co-workers

Telling your boss and coworkers can wait until you hit your second trimester. Your boss should be the first person you tell, and you should try to do it in a one-on-one setting. If you’re not familiar with your company’s policies on maternity leave, now is the time to find out what they are and how they will affect your job. Knowing this will help you help your boss as they decide what to do. Once they know, feel free to tell your co-workers.

Of course, the exact timing is going to depend on what you and your partner decide to do. You may want time to process before you share, or your joy may be too much to contain. Know that you do not have to rush into sharing if you are not ready, but you also do not have to wait if you are.

Either way, enjoy the moment you are in and let everyone else in on the joy when you are ready. Best of luck to you on your pregnancy journey!

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