Let’s Talk About Sex..After Baby!

Thinking about heading back into the bedroom after baby can be a little scary, especially with all the physical and hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy and after labor.  Will it hurt? Will everything feel “normal” down there?” Do I even want to?  It is totally understandable to be nervous about sex after baby, but we have the answers about what to expect once you’re ready to give it a go. 

Not so Fun

Sex after childbirth may not be as enjoyable as you remember it.  The healing process can take longer than just the initial 6-8 weeks after the doctor gives the go ahead.  Breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness due to low estrogen levels, which can cause sex to be painful or uncomfortable.  Areas that suffered tearing or stitching during labor may also be sore for months after the injury has closed, so it is important to proceed with caution.  Lubrication is a must have during the first few attempts, and make sure you let your partner know what is comfortable for you.  

A tip for new dads – wait for your partner to be ready.  New moms are experiencing hormonal and physical changes that take time to heal, and being patient will ensure that you will both have a better experience in the long run. 

Where Did My Libido Go?

Have you noticed that maybe your libido has gone into hiding since baby arrived?  This is totally normal! Lack of sleep, breastfeeding, and body insecurity can cause new moms to feel like sex is the last thing on their mind.  Caring for baby takes a lot of energy, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine having any left for your partner.  Your body has just gone through a huge ordeal, but your libido will return eventually.  

A tip for dads –  helping around the house, taking the baby so mom can nap or shower; all these things can help her have more energy for private time with you.  Sometimes a little rest is all you need to feel that spark again!

Myths About Sex After Baby

Does everything feel a little stretched out after having gone through childbirth? Have you been told that it won’t ever feel “normal” again? Don’t worry, this is definitely not true!  A few months after having baby you should notice that improvement with any stretching that occurred.  If not, practice Kegels to help your body tighten those muscles, or see a pelvic floor specialist.     

When you are ready to return to an intimate relationship with your partner, make sure to use birth control if you are not ready for another baby! Women can still get pregnant while breastfeeding, and even if their menstrual cycle has not returned.  

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