Searching For The Perfect Baby Gift? How About Knowledge?

The baby shower is in full swing! The mommy-to-be is opening outfit after precious little outfit amidst a chorus of “Oooo’s” and “Ahhh’s” from the guests. The car seat and stroller combo even received applause! You smile as she picks up a small, slender package, because she has no idea it contains something that will become invaluable in the days to come.

A subscription to is an excellent gift idea. This course, created using the most advanced techniques in online learning, will be a hit! We are confident that once new parents have completed our course, they will feel equipped to handle everything parenthood can throw at them. 

Odds are they will log in the very day they receive their gift subscription! Curiosity may be the initial reason, but the knowledge they find will keep them going back! We offer a variety of learning experiences. What will parents-to-be discover when they log in?

  • Interactive content will keep new parents engaged in ways that help them remember what they’ve learned.
  • We cover every developmental stage (beginning with prenatal) in our courses.
  • Doctor reviewed content keeps our information up-to-date.
  • Video demonstrations are available to watch parenting techniques demonstrated for you.
  • Download materials with a simple click!
  • Easy Site Navigation

Check out our course catalog to see all that we have to offer. Babies don’t come with a manual! is the only source online where parents can find the resources necessary to build confidence and put worried minds at ease all in one place. Inform, prepare and empowerexpectant parents with the gift of knowledge! The gift most likely passed on for generations to come.

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