How To Get Daddies Involved In The Process Of Parenting

Man holding cute baby feet on his hand - tenderness concepts

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/17/17 11:41 PM

His body may not distort or tell him he needs to eat some crazy food combo that even you raised an eyebrow at when it first popped in your head, but your partner in this life long venture became a parent at the moment conception occurred, too. Keeping him involved from day one is going to strengthen the unbreakable bond between father and child as sure as the bond between mother and child grows stronger as your baby grows inside you. Here are some some great ways to get daddies to feel fatherly long before the due date and beyond.


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9 Top Challenges Of Expectant Fathers Or New Dads

Newborn baby first days with his father

Posted by Victoria Welsh RN on: 06/17/17 3:20 AM

Here are some of the top challenges that expectant fathers face upon the arrival of a newborn child. . The Newborn Course gives a sound and knowledgeable starting point to prepare you fro these challenges.


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