The Gift of Adoption: For you, For the child, For the future

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Posted by Seth Norman Greenberg on: 02/9/18 4:14 AM

Adoption is a beautiful happening. Whether fertility problems make it an option, or just the desire to make a difference in a child’s life, adoption is a gift. Many children are born into families that are unable to give the child the life they deserve. Whether the child has been placed in Foster Care, or a pregnant mother makes a conscience decision to place her child with another family, adoption exists for one reason. 


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Facing Infertility – How Will My Relationships With My Friends Change When I’m Pregnant And They’re Not?

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Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 07/19/17 9:31 PM

Those who are planning (or trying) to get pregnant might feel a twinge of jealousy, but that’s a bit natural, don’t you think? However, if your friend has hoped against hope to become pregnant month after disappointing month or know they are infertile your relationship will take some work on both sides to remain strong. So, how do you tell them you’re pregnant?


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