12 Tips to Achieve Your Goal of a Natural Childbirth

Mother with newborn child in birthing tub

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 02/7/19 5:21 PM

Whether you’re a first-time mother or you’ve been down the childbirth path a half-dozen times before, the prospect of natural childbirth can be simultaneously awe-inspiring and panic-inducing. You’re not alone! Millions of women have been in your shoes before, and you CAN have a natural childbirth. Your body is made for this. 


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The History Of Baby Vaccines

newborn with hospital tag

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 01/18/19 4:58 PM

For some parents, one of the more difficult baby milestones is taking the child for their baby vaccines. Vaccines have

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That Is Not True! The Most Bizarre Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Pregnant woman on balconey

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 01/11/19 10:07 PM

Old wives tales have been passed along from generation to generation. They can carry some weight, especially, in the pregnancy category!

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You’re Pregnant – How to Tell Your Boss

Portrait happy woman dreaming a baby looking up holding alarm clock isolated on gray wall background. Positive face expression emotion

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/6/18 9:59 PM

You’ve gotten the news from the Doctor, had your sonogram and worked on processing the news yourself and with your family and loved ones. Now, how do you tell your boss you are pregnant? Here’s some advice.


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Bikinis Are Overrated – Don’t Sweat The Stretch marks

small girl looking at mother's pregnant belly

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 01/25/18 10:46 PM

Stretch marks. What visual did those words conjure up for you?  They come in every size and a variety of colors. But, no matter if they are red, purple or a bluish silver, you just don’t see people flaunting them in the same way that they rock their tattoos. ?Here’s guide on a very stretchy subject.


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Breastfeeding Moms: How To Care For Yourself


Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 04/4/17 6:56 PM

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a newborn’s life, followed by continued breastfeeding as solid foods are introduced, up to one year or longer. There is a dark side to exclusive breastfeeding, though, and that’s the toll it can take on the mom’s mental and physical state. For this reason, it’s of paramount importance for nursing mothers to focus on self-care whenever possible.


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