Pregnant During Covid-19: Ten Tips When Having a Baby During a Pandemic!

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 08/18/20 4:32 PM

Photo via @chelsea.lizabeth on Instagram.  Pregnant During a Pandemic! Parenting can be scary: it’s a new level of responsibility that

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The History Of Baby Vaccines

newborn with hospital tag

Posted by Cara Cornyn on: 01/18/19 4:58 PM

For some parents, one of the more difficult baby milestones is taking the child for their baby vaccines. Vaccines have

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Bikinis Are Overrated – Don’t Sweat The Stretch marks

small girl looking at mother's pregnant belly

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 01/25/18 10:46 PM

Stretch marks. What visual did those words conjure up for you?  They come in every size and a variety of colors. But, no matter if they are red, purple or a bluish silver, you just don’t see people flaunting them in the same way that they rock their tattoos. ?Here’s guide on a very stretchy subject.


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I’m A Pregnant Adult; My Mother-In-Law Doesn’t Get It

family looking very happy in a portrait at home with the mother in front of her daughter and husband

Posted by Pregnant Paula on: 12/1/17 6:35 PM

There’s a new family member on the way. You’re elated, exhausted, enchanted and edgy about it. And then your mother or mother-in-law rolls in, replete with advice, admonitions and assistance, none of which you need or want now. How to deal nicely with mama meddling?


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