Pregnant During Covid-19: Ten Tips When Having a Baby During a Pandemic!

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Pregnant During a Pandemic!

Parenting can be scary: it’s a new level of responsibility that can’t really be compared to anything else. And if having a baby wasn’t challenging on its own, try being pregnant during the Covid Pandemic! With hospitals getting filled to the max, important resources becoming hard to find, and social circles becoming limited, becoming a parent during a pandemic requires a a new level of preparation. Here are 10 tips we’ve gathered for expecting parents facing the Covid Pandemic. 

1. Embrace Creativity

There are so many traditions involved in having a child. Not only do you have to deal with your parents (and in-laws!) expectations, but culture plays a huge part as well. During this time, you may not have the resources to follow the “normal” way of doing things- and it may not be safe! Don’t be afraid to do extra research, and embrace the creative. Disposable vs cloth diapers, hospital vs home birth, breast vs bottle feeding, whatever the decision is, take the time to be sure you feel 100% comfortable with the choices you are making!

2. Make a Plan A… and a Plan B… and a Plan Z

It’s important to plan ahead, both for the best case scenario, and the worst. Decide what is a necessity, what isn’t, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Make a list of what you feel will benefit you as a parent. Write down what your preparation goals are, and when you want to accomplish them. When you envision your birth experience, what does it look like? Jot down the steps you need to take in detail, to make sure your transition into parenthood is a smooth as possible.

3. Choose Your Team

While this is number 3, it may be the most important tip we can give. You get to choose who takes this journey with you. Take the time to choose now, and don’t be afraid to set boundaries. You deserve positive, helpful support during this time, so make sure you surround yourself with people you KNOW will provide the right environment!

4. Choose Your Experience

Your team extends beyond family and friends, make sure you personally know and trust the members of your delivery team! Doctors, nurses, midwives, whatever experts you choose, you deserve you have a medical team that you can trust. When labor starts, your medical team needs to have your back!

5. Consult Your Doctor

Make sure to meet regularly with your doctor throughout the process- even if some of the consultations are virtual! While some hospitals are now encouraging expecting mothers to stay away, other hospitals have strict processes and a small amount of local cases and allow entrance. Be aware of your hospitals rules, and prepare accordingly!

6. Keep Active!

Giving birth is one of the most incredible physical feats known to man, and it requires strength and endurance. Just like getting ready for a triathlon, or the Olympics, you need to be doing everything you can to set your body up for success! Train your body for the event to come, so you don’t have to figure it out when labor starts.

7. Enjoy Nesting

In the months leading up to birth, you may find yourself focusing on your home: cleaning, rearranging, perfecting, even obsessively! Don’t worry, this is normal, and a great way for you to stay active while keeping safe at home! Just ask for help for any heavy-lifting!

8. Celebrate the Small Things

During the 9 months of pregnancy, parents can swing from feeling accomplished and ready to completely unprepared and rushed in a moment! As time goes on, you may find yourself feeling frustrated with your loved ones, and yourself. Take time to celebrate every step, un-apologetically! Give yourself the extra boost of encouragement you need to enjoy your pregnancy.

9. Invest in YOU

Do the things that you love, in the way that you can. Life changes when you have a baby, and even more-so during this pandemic. Make a list of things that make you happy- don’t stop writing until the ideas stop! From that list, eliminating the things you might not be able to do now, make an effort to do at least one of your happy things every week. Don’t lose yourself in the change you’re going through!

10. Dive into Education

Finally, we recommend that you learn everything you want to learn! It might be impossible to be truly prepared for parenthood, but at, we believe that every parent should have easy access to the best parenting resources out there. Want to know more about how to exercise during pregnancy, or newborn sleep-cycles? We have you covered!

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