The Cost Of Having A Baby… Wow!

It’s expensive! Let’s just get the delivery figures out-of-the way right from the get go. In a report from June, 2016, CNBC states the average cost of an uncomplicated delivery varies widely in the United States. The extremes were both in California; $3,243 at the lowest and $15,420 at the highest. The rest of the country varies between $6,075 and around $9,000.  Cesarean Sections will add several thousand dollars to that figure. How many thousand depends on where you live. Yikes, right? If you don’t have medical insurance, check with your State’s Division of Family Services, you may qualify for help with prenatal, delivery and postnatal care for mother and child.

It’s probably no surprise, then, that figuring the cost of your child’s first year, also, depends on where you live. No matter where that is, you can expect to spend more than $10,000. But don’t panic!  It will be okay. Parenting’s Ezine published an article that is definitely worth your read as to what to expect along these lines and has some excellent cost cutting thoughts, too!

One being spend wisely! New parents want to go the top of the line on everything! Don’t! The exceptions being things that get lots of wear (a stroller, for instance) or items that keep your baby safe (as in a car seat). Other items… Buy used! Babies grow fast! You can often find things in excellentcondition and, oh, so much cheaper!

And there are a lot of items to consider! Parenting, also, suggests taking a shopping savvy parent along to help you determine what you will use (a swing!) and items purchased on a whim (those teeny, tiny designer shoes) that you should walk right by. Other sage advice?

  • Take Excellent Care Of Your Health
  • Get Your Financial House In Order
  • Buff Up Your Benefits

 In September, 2016, The Simple Dollar posted a study on the costs of having a baby.  At the end of the article, they have a Cost of Having a Child Calculator.  You put in your zip code and answer the questions given. Ba-da-boom! Ba-da-bing! In seconds, you will have a figure that pertains directly to the cost of living in your area! 

No matter what the cost, though, the joy of having a child far outweighs any expense you will incur. As a matter of fact, if at some point you must sacrifice a luxury or two or even a meal or two so your child has what they need, you will not hesitate. It’s for the good of your child at all costs.

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