Top Ten Tips for Flying With a Baby

Flying with babiesBabies are wonderful, we all know this. However, when flying with our little bundles of joy, they may not always be so wonderful. Things like changing air pressure, unfamiliar noise and sounds, or interrupted schedules can turn even the most laid-back infant into a screaming banshee.  

So, what are some ways one can successfully complete a flight with baby in tow? Follow these ten handy tips for an easier (and quieter) time.

1. Plan Ahead: Purchase a seat for baby if you can. Many times, your baby can fly in their car seat, which may ease their anxiety with the unfamiliar a bit.  

2. Watch the Ear Pressure: One of the biggest culprits of screaming babies on planes is ear pressure. Having the child suck on something during ascent and descent with help this immensely. 

3. Overpack Baby Needs: Diaper blow outs or massive spit-up’s on planes are something no one wants to deal with, but it can be made monumentally worse if you’re unprepared with no extra diapers, wipes, towels, or outfits. If you think you won’t need it, pack it anyway. Better safe than sorry. 

4. A Fed Baby is a Happy Baby: Feed the baby. Even if it’s not a pre-determined feeding time, feed the baby anyway. Maybe if you’re lucky the well-fed baby will fall into a blissful milk coma.  

5. Entertain Them: Don’t forget toys, books, or even an iPad if necessary, for older babies. Giving them something to do during even the shortest of flights can ease everyone’s jitters.   

6. Ask Someone for Help: Typically people understand that babies can be difficult on planes. It is likely that the plane’s crew is also used to hosting infants and their families. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from the crew or maybe a fellow passenger (if they offer).  

7. Invest in a Carrier or Sling: Many times being close to Mom/Dad can calm a child. A carrier or sling can also keep your hands free for other needs. 

8. Keep Germs at Bay: If your baby has yet to have all of their vaccinations, keeping disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer available may help assuage fears of catching all manner of illnesses flying about the cabin.  

9. Stay Polite: Yes, you have a lot on your hands with the baby and all that traveling with one entails, but try to keep in mind there are other people on the plane. It’s even become popular to provide fellow travelers around you with “gift bags” that include ear plugs or snacks to ease their annoyance with a potentially scream-happy infant. You may not have to go that far to appease the cabin dwellers, but it doesn’t hurt to smile at those around you and perhaps offer a quick “sorry” if your baby is being particularly loud.

10. Relax: The one thing about babies is they can smell fear. If you are a bundle of nerves and anxiety, your baby is likely going to sense that and react accordingly. Try to breathe, do one thing at a time, and keep calm. They will follow suit.  


 Traveling with your little one can be an enjoyable experience if you come prepared and with a plan for the number of things that could go awry. Following these sanity-saving tips will help make the flight a happy one for everyone involved.  

 Tips for flying with a baby

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