Top Ten Tips For New Dads, Stepping Up

Happy man and baby boy isolated over a white backgroundTop Ten Tips For New Dads

Even though you can hardly wait to take your new family home, when it’s actually time to go… It’s more than a bit terrifying, isn’t it? How could anyone in their right mind let you out the door with this tiny human being? It might be a bit late for this tip, so we won’t put it on the list, but if you don’t know it, you should. It’s natural to feel anxious at that moment. Everyone feels that way. Honest!  It’s amazing, though, how soon you will find your stride.

These 10 steps will help you on your way.

  1. The more time you spend with your infant, the stronger the bond between you.
  2. Make eye contact. Your baby loves to look at your face, but staring deeply into your eyes is communication. Remember that your newborn’s vision is extremely limited. Get close, smile and check out those beautiful windows to his soul.
  3. Whether it’s a coo or a goo, when your baby is being vocal, repeat it. You are conversing! Even if neither of you know what you’re saying, it will be very satisfying.
  4. Infants love to move. The swing is a worthy investment, indeed! Or a ride in the car has soothed many an unhappy baby. You might save that one for extremes. If your baby is crying and isn’t hungry or in need of a diaper change, most times, holding him close and swaying gently does the trick. But, remember, happy babies like motion, too!
  5. Speaking of a diaper change… do not hesitate to step up and do the deed!
  6. One on one time matters. Playtime is important, but make sure you schedule time as the only caregiver for your child. 
  7. Tag-team it. Learn to recognize your strong suits. As your infant grows, who needs to meet what need (Mom or Dad) will change. Just go with it.
  8. A promise is a promise. Right now, the mother of your child needs to know she can count on you without a doubt. This journey is a lifetime commitment. As they grow, your child will need to know the same. It is the backbone of your relationship.
  9. Respond to every sound. You are teaching your child to communicate their feelings. They are, also, learning they can trust you to meet their needs.
  10. Let your love flow. Don’t hold back! Security in that alone will give your child confidence to conquer the world!

All the above tips came from Psych Central. The entire article is about a 4 minute read. But, you might want to check out Dadvice on Parenting Magazine’s site. Ninety tips from a father whose been through it to new fathers who need to know what to expect. Don’t be daunted by the number. Only a few tips are more than a short sentence. The information found in them speaks volumes!

Baby steps turn to walking this path with confidence. May you encounter much joy on your journey.  Register at and take advantage of it’s amazing resources.


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