Unique Ways to Announce your Pregnancy!

Are you searching for the perfect way to announce to friends and family that you’re pregnant? A Pinterest-worthy pregnancy announcement seems to be all the rage these days, and you’ll want to commemorate this unforgettable occasion with something special!

Here are some fun, unique ways to share that you’re expecting!

  1. Baby Onesies

Baby onesies are a fun and practical way for you to announce you’re pregnant, as you’ll get to keep the onesie for baby to wear! Plus, sites like Etsy and Amazon offer custom onesies with phrases like “Grandma’s Favorite” or “Hello Auntie”, so you can include a personalized touch!

  1. Baby Shoes

Get your partner on board for this one, and snap a picture of your feet along with a pair of matching baby shoes! You can choose shoes based on your personality, so get creative with cowboy boots, running shoes, sandals – you name it!

  1. Sonogram Cake

What’s better than cake? A cake with a special announcement! Many bakeries offer custom photo cakes, so contact your local shop and invite the family over to celebrate!

  1. Get Seasonal

Is baby arriving near a holiday? For October babies, incorporate pumpkins or costumes; use snow or presents for December babies, and patriotic colors for July!

  1. Include Big Bro or Big Sis

If this isn’t your first child, include the older sibling(s) in on the fun! Get a t-shirt printed with “Big Bro” or “Big Sis”, or make a game of it by creating a poster together!

  1. Include Pets

Are you expecting baby #1? Include the pets with bandanas or a special sign announcing that there’s a new addition to the family.

  1. Letter Board Signs

If you’re keeping with the current trends, announcing that you’re pregnant with a letter board message is a great option! Invite your loved ones over and have the board displayed on the counter, or snap a photo and share on social media!

  1. Gender Reveal

Waiting to announce the pregnancy until you know the gender? Plan a fun party incorporating pink or blue decor based on baby’s gender!

  1. Wine Labels

Wine may be off limits for you until the baby arrives, but a custom wine label is a great way to announce your pregnancy to family! Sites like iCustomLabel offer pre-made and custom designs!

  1. Hello My Name Is…

We’ve all seen the “Hello my name is” name tags at events, but these can be a fun way to announce your pregnancy to family! Write in the appropriate titles for grandparents, aunts and uncles and present your family members with the tags.

  1. Balloon Letters

Make a splash with your announcements using giant balloon letters. You can select letters that suit you best, but you might include “BABY”, “PREGNANT” or perhaps even your due date!

  1. Pregnancy Test

This one may seem obvious, but simply showing your friends and family the positive pregnancy test is a great way to announce!

  1. Mark The Calendar

Use your delivery date to share the special news, by marking the date on a calendar with something baby-related, like a pacifier! 

  1. Incorporate Food

There are tons of food puns to be made, from a hatching egg, to a bun in the oven, or even the fact that you’ll be eating for two!

  1. Tell Them

Sometimes, keeping announcements simple can be what makes them special. Tell each of your friends and family individually, and it is sure to be a memory they will cherish forever.

A unique pregnancy announcement is a fun way to get your loved ones – and yourself – excited about baby’s arrival! As you prepare to welcome your bundle of joy, check back in with NewbornCourse.com for more tips and advice.

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