Welcome To Parenthood, Dad!

Happy man and baby boy isolated over a white backgroundSo, you’ve become one of us! – Fist bump! And again! – Hey, Man! Welcome to the club!

Have you had time to let it sink in or are you still reeling from the news? Aw, who am I kidding? You’ll probably still be reeling, somewhat, when it’s time to head to the hospital. And, then… I’ll be honest… Even if we’re sure we’ve studied up, that tiny human being puts a whole new spin on things!

You might think I’m talking about the craziness that ensues for a while. Because, yes, what you’ve heard is true. Things are going to get weird at times. For starters:

  • There is really no way to prepare you for those first few bowel movements. Has anyone told you? They are a bit foul and very black. It’s normal. Honest.
  • There will be sleep deprivation.
  • Tiny can be terrifying. They send you home with this teeny tiny – and I do mean teeny tiny – person like it’s no big deal. It’s as if they think the two of you will know, instinctively, what to do or something! You will. Honest.
  • There will be crying. Both from baby and Mom… And, hey, if Daddy makes three, so be it.
  • There is really no way to prepare you for those baby bowel movements, but they become a part of life. Just so you know, sometimes, they get explosive and come out of the diaper. It can shoot right up the baby’s back! It’s gross, but normal. Honest.

And, regarding any and all of the points made above (or for any other scenario that is freaking you out), your Mom’s advice is only a phone call away. There is power in that statement, brother.

But, that’s not where I was intending to take this post. Let’s get back to that hospital trip because something happens there. You see your child – your child – enter the world. I could describe it as magical, but there is no magic involved. It’s a miracle. You are going to realize, in an instant, that you had no idea you could love someone so much. And, that “creation of a new family unit euphoria thing” that kicks in… That’s pretty indescribable, but you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when it happens to you. Honest.       

Booyah! – Fist bump, one more time! – I’m excited for you! Your life is forever changed, my friend.

One word of advice for the future, okay? You are your child’s greatest teacher. They are always watching you. Be the example they need to see. Teach them to fight the good fight. Integrity. The world needs to see more of it. You will not regret it. Honest.

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