What Not To Forget When You’re Expecting: Pregnancy Resources!

You’re pregnant! From the moment you break the news to your partner, prepare for a whirlwind of excitement and nerves that’s filled with new experiences for you both. But in between picking out baby names and color swatches for the nursery, remember that it’s now more important now than ever to take care of yourself. The last thing you want is added stress—it’s not good for you or the baby.

To take some of the weight off your shoulders, we’ve compiled some resources that all expectant parents want and need. Whether this is your first baby or a new addition to your growing family, we know you’ll find something helpful to rely on.

Eating for Two: Health and Nutrition Resources

You’ve probably heard stories from other moms about their weird pregnancy cravings, like honey mustard on donuts or drinking pickle juice straight from the jar. But did you know some doctors think these cravings are triggered by a deficiency in your diet? When your body needs something, it passes the message onto your brain, and before you know it you’re putting olives on top of your hot fudge sundaes.

Whether it puts the brakes on the weirdest cravings or not, a balanced diet is a must for every pregnant woman. WebMD has a number of helpful and easy-to-digest articles on pregnancy nutrition, including a guide to eating right, information on essential prenatal vitamins, and a list of the nutrients you need the most and where to get them. We’ve also covered some food and drink you should avoid in a previous post.

Craving strange food combinations can be gross, but it’s nothing to be concerned about. One craving to watch out for is a desire to eat nonfood items like dirt or sand. This is a condition called pica, and although there’s some debate about what causes it, it might be connected to an iron deficiency. Ingesting non-edible items can cause serious harm to you and your baby (such as lead poisoning) so it’s vital that you speak to your doctor immediately if you experience any intense cravings like these.

Speaking of putting strange things in your mouth, have you thought about adjusting your dental routine? We’re sorry to tell you, but your gums may become sore and swollen, and may bleed.  BabyCenter has put together some handy tips for pregnancy dental care to ease your mind and help you look after your pearly whites.

You’re Glowing: Adjusting Your Beauty Routine

As you prepare to welcome your little one into the world, your will undergo a lot of big changes in a short space of time. Add pregnancy hormones into the mix, and you’re likely to get a little weepy about your favorite jeans no longer fitting or your skin looking blotchy.

To ensure you look and feel your best throughout your pregnancy, check out this article from The Bump. It’s full of great advice about changing up your beauty  routine to avoid certain chemicals, look after your skin, and accentuate the things you love about  your body. Vogue also has a list of beauty products that are safe to use when pregnant.

Family Matters: Preparing Your Household for the New Arrival

Bringing a baby into the world is a magical experience, but it can also be overwhelming—and not just for mommy. There are a lot of things that dad needs to think about, from financial considerations to speaking to his employer about family leave. We recommend checking out WebMD’s reassuring article on advice for expectant fathers, which covers a number of issues new dads have to deal with.

If your family is growing, it’s time to think about preparing your child for the arrival of their new brother or sister. BabyCenter has tips for talking to children of different ages about this exciting time.

And don’t forget about your pets! A new baby comes with all kinds of strange smells and noises that can be a big adjustment for your furry friends. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has some great advice about bringing a child into a home with a cat or dog, ensuring the safety of both kinds of babies—furry and human.

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