Expectant Dad Dads’ Guide to Pregnancy

Expectant father and mother

So, you've become one of us! Or you will soon be one of us- Hey, Man! Welcome to the club!

We are here to help you be the HERO in your own story.

Have you had time to let it sink in that you are going to be a DADDY? Or are you still reeling from the news? Aw, who am I kidding? You'll probably still be reeling, somewhat, Even if we're sure we've planned, that tiny human being puts a whole new spin on things!  I'm excited for you! Your life is forever changed, my friend.

Things are going to get weird at times. There is no way to explain everything that you will experience so we have highlighted some information that we believe to be relevant for you!

For starters:


When you share your exciting news with family and friends, suddenly you will be bombarded with advice. Unfortunately it will all be conflicting. Take it all in and listen but also know that you will be fine with or without the advice. Some advice will prove to be useful and time saving but figuring out which advice does that will be a challenge. This is why the Newborn Course is so valuable. It removes all the guesswork.


Finding the time to fit it all in.   The things you do to fill your day have just expanded exponentially. You will need to share household duties now more than ever.  Let's not discuss laundry, except to say that it will need to be done every day and will never get caught up.


Sleep just became more valuable than the hope diamond, because it will now be just as rare.   While sleep deprivation is something that every new parent has to face, looking after yourself and your partner is now more important than ever. You can’t expect yourself or Mommy to look after the baby if you’re both too tired to even stand up without passing out! Excessive drowsiness can be dangerous, especially if you need to drive—like taking your little one to the pediatrician. Sleep deprivation also makes your partner more susceptible to developing postpartum depression.


All over the Map! Your partner’s emotions can change at a moment’s notice with no real rhyme or reason.   Understand that your partner is experiencing emotions and chemical changes in her body in preparation for a BABY.   Maintaining a calm consistent manner will come in very handy. (Try not to laugh too hard if you believe that your partner is acting batty). Also monitor her moods after childbirth to ensure that the baby blues doesn’t turn into postpartum depression. 

Sex- Your Partners sex drive will probably change.

Some women experience a surge in hormones that leads to a much higher-than-usual libido. Others experience the opposite. Either way, good communication with your partner will be key to staying on the same page, even if her feelings on the subject of sex seem to change by the hour.  You might have to get creative. Especially as she moves into her third trimester, certain positions might become physically impossible, and her ever-shifting hormones may mean that you may need to use lubrication.  Having sex while pregnant won't hurt the baby. In most normal pregnancies, sex is completely safe. In fact, in some cases, it is good for your little one. Maintaining intimacy with your partner throughout your pregnancy will help you feel more connected, which leads to an overall happier pregnancy. Your partner’s mental health can affect your baby's development, so take care to feed your partners body and mind, well during this time.  Unless you are in a high-risk pregnancy, there's no reason to stop having sex while pregnant. Remember that pregnancy is beautiful and it's ok to embrace sex with your partners changing body. Have fun with it, don't be afraid to laugh, and talk to your partner about your needs and desires. 

Bonding with Baby

Many dads shy away from caring for and therefore bonding with their baby during the newborn stage because they don't feel confident. Here's a secret new dad’s don't know: Babies can't tell that you’re inexperienced and don't care. All they know is that they are being held and calmed and being kept warm which makes them closer to you. Even if you have to read the sports page to them, do it, they need to hear your voice and know how it feels to be comforted by someone who loves them. Plus you may get two tasks completed in one try, catching up on an article and bonding with your infant. Experience means doing something more than once and then becoming good at it, this won't happen if you don't try, so jump in there you'll do great!!


There is really no way to prepare you for those first few bowel movements. Has anyone told you? They are a bit foul and very black. It's normal. Honest. But they become a part of life. Just so you know, sometimes, they get explosive and come out of the diaper. It can shoot right up the baby's back! It's gross, but normal. Don’t worry, it gets worse (larger and more foul-smelling)

Baby Gear

Figuring out what you actually need to buy before bringing the baby home.  Baby gear is a multi-billion dollar business. There are things you need and are a must but there also things that just look cool that you will never actually use more than once or twice. Deciding which baby gear is a necessity is a challenge for most new parents.

Nursery Setup

This is where many dads feel most useful, the challenge is that it is a lot more time consuming than you realize. The safety standards for babies are high when it comes to equipment, paint and materials you want for your baby. Most have to be ordered and you can bet it will arrive just in the nick of time not long before panic sets in and the contractions begin.  The good news is so many people find this task fun and you will only have to ask to get the help you need. Smile, babies are so darn cute.


$245,340 is the average cost for a middle income family to raise a child born in 2013 until her 18th birthday.  Before you start breaking the bank and maxing out your credit cards, determine what the baby really needs. 

Let's discuss the trip to the hospital because something happens there. You see your child - your child - enter the world. I could describe it as magical, but there is no magic involved. It's a miracle. You are going to realize, in an instant, that you had no idea you could love someone so much. And, that "creation of a new family unit euphoria thing" that kicks in... That's pretty indescribable, but you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when it happens to you. Cherish it.

They send you home with this teeny tiny baby- and I do mean teeny tiny - person like it's no big deal. It's as if they think the two of you will know, instinctively, what to do or something! You will!  There will be crying, both from baby and Mom... And, hey, if Daddy makes three, so be it.

Help is only a phone call away. There is power in that statement, brother.


“C’mon Dad Be The Hero In Your Own Story! You Got This!

Our courses will prepare you for the challenges of parenthood.

Learn conveniently at your own pace
and on your own schedule.

“C’mon Dad Be The Hero
In Your Own Story!
You Got This!”

Our courses will prepare you for
the challenges of parenthood.

Learn conveniently at your own pace
and on your own schedule.