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Doctor checking stomachMedical professionals who care for pregnant women are familiar with the insecurities, questions and concerns regarding health that expecting mothers and their families face every day. It can be challenging to communicate with patients who are not as confident or prepared for parenthood as they are in most of the other aspects of their lives.

We would like to offer our NewbornCourse to contribute to health education, to save some time and perhaps strengthen the relationship between patients and professionals. has a vast library of information on topics ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to newborn and postpartum mother care. The courses are structured in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly format and designed for expecting mothers and parents who have a child or children already.

Why recommend

A patient with good health education is a better patient! New parents’ concerns and fears are mainly rooted in lack of knowledge. By providing your patients with a resource like the, you will help them not only communicate more confidently and effectively, but also may make parents feel empowered and in control when the baby arrives.

Our newborn training courses have been developed in collaboration with educational specialists and health care professionals to offer up-to-date newborn care information. Our courses are broken down into 19 specific e-learning modules including more than 20 hours of content. They also cover aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum mother care in details.

How does work?

Our courses are a combination of video tutorials, diagrams and interactive content drawn from a wide variety of reputable sources to provide comprehensive mother care - including pregnancy and the postpartum period- and newborn care at the same place.

When should a patient begin the newborncourse?

Though the course is useful for couples at any stage of the family planning, we suggest to start the program around the time when the pregnancy has been diagnosed.

We feel that confidence and a strong bond would develop when, after confirming the presence of the pregnancy, you can also provide patients with a blueprint for one of the most important, happy yet challenging period of their life!

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