Give Back

G3 Learning through is committed to giving back to the community and supporting those who are financially less fortunate than others.

There are almost ten million pregnant women at any given time in the United States, many of whom don’t have the means or opportunity by which to learn the fundamental skills to confidently create a solid foundation for their existing or growing family. G3 Learning recognizes that the responsibility of parenthood does not discriminate based on how much a person or family earns, where that family may be living or has lived, or their educational background.

Both new and existing parents will benefit from the training offered by We are strong advocates for every parent and every child and believe that parents everywhere deserve the opportunity to create the strongest possible foundation for their greatest adventure of all—parenthood. Our legacy lives by imparting knowledge, compassion, and confidence to individuals, couples, and parents from all walks of life.

That’s why, at G3 Learning, we’ve created our Give Back Program. For every program purchased and/or licensed, G3 Learning will proudly donate one training program to a parent who could otherwise not afford it. To that end, we are constantly seeking out organizations and individuals who have a need for and can benefit from our newborn training courses.

Donating to Give Back

To donate a program or multiple programs to an anonymous recipient in need, email Giveback.

If you are an organization or charity, or if you would like to nominate an organization or charity who could benefit from our Give Back Program, email Giveback.

military-GiveBackMilitary Mondays:

In keeping with our personal tradition of honoring those who have served or currently serve our country, every Monday G3 Learning will offer 50% off to all current or past U.S. military members. For more information about our Military Monday program, email Giveback.