Eight Awesome Push Presents for a New Mama

blog Eight Awesome Push Presents for a New MamaSo your wife (or someone you know) is having a baby! This is so exciting! You want to be as supportive as possible. And part of that means picking up a push present for the new mama. This can make for a fun shopping trip, but sometimes it is hard to know what to get! Here are eight great ideas to get you started.

1. Jewelry. 

This is the most typical push present, and for good reason. Add an extra sparkle to that new mama’s jewelry collection! You could even get the baby’s name or initials stamped onto the piece.  

2. Comfy clothes. 

Who doesn’t want to be comfy? Try to find clothes she could feel good in, but also be comfortable. Think big cozy sweaters, cute yoga pants, and adorable fuzzy socks. 

3. Cozy blanket. 

Having a baby (and taking care of a baby) is hard work! The mama will definitely want something she can snuggle up in. You could also get a cozy robe.   

4. Essential oils diffuser. 

This is a great way to refresh and relax any new mama. A diffuser can be therapeutic and is simply a great addition to any room.     

5. New shoes. 

Every mom is going to feel like she has lost some of her beauty after a delivery. Help her feel herself again by getting her a pair of shoes that she can flaunt with pride. 

6. Green plants. 

Green plants will brighten up anyone’s one. Mini cactuses make great options because, not only are they absolutely adorable, they also require very little upkeep.  

7. Certificate for housework. 

Most mothers end up exhausted after the first week or two with a new baby. Offer to cook, clean, go shopping, or do other jobs for her so that she can rest. 

8. Plan a photo shoot. 

A brand new mom will want to have lots of pictures of her precious newborn. Give her a way to make her dream come true professionally! This is a gift that stays forever. 

Whatever you get, the new mother will be sure to be grateful! Remember that raising a newborn is an amazing experience, but it also isn’t easy. Make sure that the mother you know is prepared for the journey! Our new parenting classes help each parent ace their job without missing a moment! 

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