The Binky Boundary, Pacifier

pacifierLet’s face it, crying babies motivate parents! It was determined centuries ago that giving a baby an object to suck soothed them. A myriad of objects have been used since. Knotted rags dipped in water or honey, wooden beads or “gum sticks” made of stone, bone or coral have all been popular items to offer a fussy, crying infant.

The game changed for good, though, in 1901, when Christian Meinecke applied for a patent for a “new and original Design for a Baby Comforter.” AKA: The Pacifier

It continued to grow in popularity despite the reported ill consequences that resulted due to use. By the 1940’s, Binky Baby, a New York company had sold so many pacifiers, its name became synonymous with the product.

Today, it’s said that over 75% of babies living in the Western hemisphere use pacifiers. There are  moms that throw them in the cart a dozen at a time. Binkies line the baby bed. Pacifiers are placed, strategically, about the house. There are, probably, a couple tucked away in the car. Yes, without a doubt, pacifiers prove themselves useful time and again.

But, other than soothing a fussy baby, are there benefits to pacifying our babies? Pop in that “paci” without the tiniest twinge of guilt, Mom and Dad, because the answer is yes!

A Google search on “pacifiers reduce SIDS risk” brings up article after article on the subject. Offering a pacifier at bedtime and for naps, greatly reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The exact reason has not been determined, but it may be as simple as the sucking motion keeps the tongue engaged and airways clear.

The worry that pacifiers cause orthodontic woes should not cause concern. Thumb sucking is more damaging by far as children often continue it past the weaning age of pacifiers for most children.

So, are there any boundaries regarding pacifier use? Well… Since you asked… ?

Should your child still be attached to their Binky and is old enough to verbally resist the thought of giving it up, consider resisting the urge to send in the Binky fairy, will you?

Reason being, our children must learn that, sometimes, we have to do things that are hard because they need to be done. Not because there is a kid sized Ferrari sitting in the driveway. (Or a candy bar dangling before their eyes, for that matter.) You will be teaching them a valuable life lesson. One of life’s lessons that will enable your child to become an adult with integrity. Integrity. Our world needs more of that.

Parenting is a life lesson like no other! At, you will find the information you need to conquer every phase of it. Our courses are filled with reliable information. We know this because they are all doctor approved. Take a peek at all you will find there. We hope to hear from you soon!

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