7 Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

New parents need to make many adjustments upon greeting their newborn, including adjusting their home for safety purposes. Creating a safe home is an important step in easing your child into a mobile lifestyle and in easing your own mind. Here are 7 child proofing tips for creating a home that is safe for your little bundle of joy!

1. Cover the electrical outlets

Not only are electrical outlets dangerous, but they are also an interest for young children. Make sure to keep any unoccupied outlets plugged with plastic safety covers. You can also install outlet protectors that cover occupied outlets to ensure your child doesn’t unplug anything.  

2. Secure drawers and cabinets

Dining utensils, plates, pots, pans, and other enticing kitchen items should be secured in their respective drawers and cabinets. Your favorite department store, such as Walmart or Target, will have the proper locks to secure your cabinets and drawers so your little one can’t open them.

3. Keep toxic chemicals stored away

Cleaning supplies pose a severe danger to children and should be kept stored well away from them at all times. Ideally, cleaning supplies and other toxic chemicals should be stored in a high cabinet where children cannot reach. Otherwise, these supplies should be locked away in a secure cabinet that children cannot open.

4. Cover door knobs

Children can easily lock themselves in a room or escape from the home if door knobs are left unattended. Cover round door knobs with a plastic cover that prevent children from being able to turn the knob to open. Most of these door knob covers will also secure the lock away from children, preventing them from locking themselves in a room. If you have the lever door handle, no need to worry! There are also safety tools that prevent children from being able to pull the lever to open the door.   

5. Cover corners and edges

Tables, fireplaces, and other items with edges and corners should be lined with rubber safety lining to prevent children from injuring themselves. You can purchase rubber corner covers that will stick directly to the corners of furniture and fireplaces as well as a roll of rubber lining to measure against the edge of most surfaces.

6. Anchor furniture to the wall

Climbing will eventually be all the rage to most children. Make sure that furniture such as bookcases, dressers, and hutches are anchored to the wall to prevent the large piece from falling on top of your child.

7. Use baby gates around stairs

Climbing up and sliding down stairs is a fun activity for children. It is also very dangerous as your child can easily fall and severely harm themselves. Make sure that your stairs are covered with a baby gate so your little one won’t play on the stairs unsupervised.

Your child’s safety is a top priority. Use these tips to make sure your home is a safe place for your little one. For more tips and information, please contact us today! 

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