There’s A New Dad Survival Kit?!

Yes, sir! Ready made, throw over the shoulder and go new dad survival kit!

new dad survival kitHave you seen one? If, yes, then you’ve figured it out, haven’t you? (And, if you haven’t, the spoiler alert isn’t too much of a surprise so, shield your eyes or read on.) The survival kit for Dad is really nothing more than a glorified diaper bag.

However, no matter what you call it, it’s a necessity. So, we’re going to help make sure you’ve got what you need! And, by the way, there is something to be said for manly packs over the traditional mom type bags. We’re down with that!

What your New Dad Survival Kit should include:

  • Grab A Roomy Backpack – If you’re going for the survival theme, camouflage is cool, but one that you carry comfortably is key.
  • The Essential Essentials – First things first! Diapers, wipes, a change of clothes (or two!), and a changing mat should be the items that go in first. Can’t even take a chance on not having these items.
  • Sustenance! – Add a couple of baby bottles and the stuff to fill them. Whether your baby is breast or formula fed, it might be a good idea to keep a bottle with the powder formula and an unopened bottle of water in your pack in case of emergency.  
  • More Sustenance! – Pack the side pockets with high energy snacks for yourself, Dad. The need for a boost can hit when you least expect it.
  • The Calming Effect – A couple of pacifiers are a must if your baby is a fan. You will, also, want to tuck away a toy or two. Lights and sounds can go either way regarding calming or not. You might want to have an either or choice.

There you have it, man. Bare bones basics. That’s how Dad’s roll.

Although, we know it feels like it happens from time to time, it’s never intended that you feel you’re left hanging! We’re here for you, man!

We’ve got one more thing for your new dad survival kit. Whether you keep it in the bag or not, instantaneous help is an electronic device away!

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