Exercising While Pregnant: The Do’s and Don’ts

Happy pregnant women sitting in yoga class touching their bumps in a fitness studioChanges brought on by pregnancy are a lot to comprehend. What was once a normal routine is now changed for the safety of your baby, and that means your exercise routine, too! What exercises can I continue to do while I’m pregnant? What exercises should I avoid? We’ve got our top and most important do’s and don’t’s for working out while pregnant!

DO talk to your healthcare provider before starting exercise. While exercise is generally safe and actually beneficial for pregnancy, the Mayo Clinic states that there are some complications where exercise should ultimately be avoided. Best way to know if you’re a good candidate for exercising? Talking to your doctor first.

DO continue to exercise, but NOT at the same level you did before you were pregnant, says WebMD. Go by what feels comfortable and don’t push yourself too hard.

DO start exercising (once you have your doctor’s approval), even if you didn’t exercise before you got pregnant. An NPR article discusses a JAMA review regarding a former notion that startingexercise for the first time during pregnancy was dangerous has now been accepted as a myth.

DON’T ignore warning signs that you are over-ex

erting or unsafely exercising. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, these changes include vaginal bleeding, dizziness or faintness, shortness of breath, headaches, weakness in the muscles, painful uterine contractions, pain or cramping of the calves, and vaginal fluid leakage. If you experiences these or any other changes, you should stop all exercise and see a healthcare provider immediately.

DON’T do crunches after the first trimester, warns Fit Pregnancy. This can cause dizziness or nausea by suppressing a major blood vessel. Talk to your doctor for safer alternatives for a core workout.

Adapting to pregnancy is difficult, but with your healthcare provider’s guidance, continuing or even starting exercise is helpful and may even relieve symptoms brought on by pregnancy. So get moving, for both of you!

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