That Is Not True! The Most Bizarre Pregnancy Myths Debunked

Old wives tales have been passed along from generation to generation. They can carry some weight, especially, in the pregnancy category! I mean, who better to know about pregnancy than old wives!


We’ve got a few here that just don’t stack up, because some of these tales get pretty tall!

Your Cat Will NOT Steal Your Babies Breath Away

Because of their association with witchcraft, it was believed, in the 13th and 14th centuries, that a cat could suck an innocent’s soul from their body. Who could be more innocent than a precious, wee babe? At some point, that myth morphed and, these days, you are more likely to hear that a cat is attracted to the smell of milk and may suffocate an infant.

Even though there is not a bit of truth to this one, you should not allow your cat (or any pet) around your baby unsupervised. Accidents happen.  😖

Raising Your Arms Above Your Head IS Allowed

The umbilical cord will not get wrapped around the baby’s neck because you raise your arms over your head. Go ahead, raise those arms. It feels good to stre-eh-eh-etch. And, hey, it all counts as exercise, Mama. 😉

Cheese! It’s Not Just For Pictures.

Make sure it’s pasteurized, though. If not, it could contain food-born illnesses. Check those labels! 😁

About Heartburn And Hair

Turns out, there may be something to this one! 😲

If you follow the link, you won’t find out the why of it all. But, if you suffer with heartburn, you may find some relief! And, an image of the most adorable infant with lots of hair.

Keeping things in perspective will go a long way in gauging whether or not you should believe what you hear. We’ve got an excellent perspective on all things newborn! Our online courses are written by doctors and available 24/7. Now, that’s a relief! Head over to and start preparing today! 

That Is Not True! The Most Bizarre Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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